Muslim Brotherhood and Extremist Violence in Egypt & Sinai May 15 – 31, 2015

May 31 Sinai militants blew up a natural gas pipeline early Sunday morning near al-Arish
Security was reinforced after the attack. (Wilayat Sinai did not take credit for the attack as of 01/06)

May 31 Report by National Council of Human Rights says 2,600 were killed in 18 months over the ouster of Morsi. including 700 policemen & 500 civilians.

May 30 An effort to smuggle police uniforms from Egypt to Saudi Arabia was foiled.

May 29 Pro-Morsi (Anti-Coup) posts photo of protests in #Damietta today on IkhwanWeb

May 29 Pro-Muslim Brotherhood march in Giza was dispersed by authorities.

May 29 Pro-Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood group causes havoc on Haram St. previous night

May 28 #ABM threatens to strike Eilat.

May 28 One policeman killed & 8 wounded in attack in

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