Judges shot dead in hours after ‘s sentence.  

May 15 Eight women banned from traveling to Turkey as Egypt enacts a new policy to inhibit women from joining ISIS.

May 15 Egyptian authorities stopped 22 Egyptians from illegally crossing into Libya through Salloum

May 15 9 mid-level MuslimBrotherhood leaders arrested for vandalism & inciting to #violence#Egypt 

May 14 Three people gunned down in the Sinai in two separate incidents.

May 14 Ninety-four middle-ranking #MuslimBrotherhood leaders arrested for planning attacks on police/mil. & being in a banned terrorist organization

May 14 National Council of #Arab and Egyptian tribes to spend LE 1 bill. on tribal development in the Sinai

May 14 Eight suspected militants killed in al-Arish in north Sinai.

May 14 Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis and bedouin tribes – background.

May 13 Explosions kill 4…

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