Her Night 

She is like music to me, I don’t know why I love her, why I crave her lips, why I enjoy smelling her sweat, or why I did what I did for her. She lies on her back to welcome me and my heart celebrates the drug it lives for. The first time I saw her smile I rejected pessimism, if I can be in her arms every night this life is worth fighting for, and by god it is beautiful. Yes, we will be two ghosts who have once haunted this earth, our love will not bliss where we lived or enchant where we kissed, we made our peace with that, only the doomed ponder the future.  Under a full moon I laid my eyes on her, she shone brighter than the sun but I knew her light is beyond that. I ran towards her, when I blinked she vanished, I kept running and running, into blue valleys and out of crimson dunes, I needed to find her, night’s cold wind hitting me, my muscles and consciousness finally gave out. I woke up surrounded by darkness, an old hag on a stick approached me.

-Young man, the Night told me you covet something not meant for you.

-Who are you? Where am I?

-So the Night was right, you seek things from beyond.

-How do I get out of here?

-Here is in you, Darkness and I are from you.

I was paralyzed, I couldn’t stand up, she was all around me. Wrinkly skin on curved bones.

-Would you like some wine?

She poured the sweetest wine I have ever tasted in my mouth. She then grabbed a violin out of nowhere and started playing a melody that penetrated my skin and clutched my heart with a grip of fear I thought never existed. My paralysis began creeping to my mind and my vision became a pale shade of black. I thought I saw death, for moments, with all my remaining power I fought, then surrendered, my eyes saw her again, moving with the music like a girl two decades into her life, the melody progressed, higher, faster, 1 1234 1 1234 1 1234 1 1234, the four notes came close to being inseparable, the melody almost became a harmony, my fear slowly turned into ecstasy. Silence. Darkness.

Awake, again. A dark cold castle with a ceiling beyond my eyesight. An overwhelming figure approached me, cloaked in black, eyes bright white.

-Darkness told me you have a worthy heart.


-You seek something beyond your destiny.

-I love her.

-You need not speak that, you are here, are you not? He smiled.

-Where is she?

-I told you, she is beyond your existence, you should not have even been able to see her, I do not know how you did.

-I’m willing to do anything to be with her.

-Did Darkness tell you the girl you desire happens to be my lover?

-Who are you?

-I am the Night.

-I will kill you if I have to, or die trying, I cannot imagine spending my life without her.

He laughed, his shrill echoed in the endless palace piercing my ears, I could feel it in the steel wall behind me.


-You do have a worthy heart, a man with will is as valuable as a man with force. Are you willing to rewrite your destiny, to go against everything godly and everything sacred?

-I am.

-I want a loving mother’s heart.


-Kill your mother and bring me her heart, if you want the girl, kill your mother and bring me her heart.

-That is abhorrent.

-That is how your destiny is rewritten.


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