Who are the Orwellian villains in Egypt?

That twelve-year-old girl is veiled, so as not to provoke men, or to get used to not provoking men. That fifteen-year-old boy is disgruntled you didn’t perform the Asr prayer in the mosque, and he is vocal about it, in fact, he is educating you on the sin you just committed. A preacher in the mosque next to you is shouting, on Friday, against modernity, “we should return to our Islamic roots,” he says. On the T.V., housewives and professional men are asking Sheikhs about Islam’s opinion on sending their kids to international schools. Booklets on how listening music will make you burn in your grave? Sold on pavements, and people read them. Up until the seventies it was not like that. So let me ask you my friend, who are the Orwellian villains in Egypt?


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