Azhar vows to limit bomb-planting to students 

Azhar has pledged in a statement on its website to keep bomb-planting strictly at the level of students, promising no more teachers will be caught with bombs or directly implicated in acts of terrorism.

An Azhari female teacher attempted to sneak 16 bombs/IEDs to Azhar campus, Thursday, in her car in daylight through one of the main gates. 

“To see teachers getting involved in the bomb-planting business was an extremely great shock to Azhar’s administration, we will work tirelessly to prevent this from ever happening again, we will also try to stop Azhar students from being loyal Muslim Brotherhood supporters and foot soldiers,” Azhar’s Representative Abbas Shuman, who happens to be a Muslim Brother and ardent Mursi fan, told our reporter. 

Azhar is predominately run by Muslim Brotherhood men and its curricula contain explicit chapters on Jihad, it has only recently removed chapters on eating apostates and those who refrain from praying grilled and raw, respectively, from its books.

On an issue related to eating, Azhar’s former grand mufti Ali Gomaa has linked porn to atheism. Porn teaches viewers that bodies are a product to be used, which causes atheism, Gomaa said in a TV show where Islam speaks through him to advise people on daily and life issues. 

Gomaa is regarded as one of the saner ones. 


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