Obama: Qatar does not need democracy, not really a country 

Qatar is not that big, not many people live there, a democratic system is not really necessary. But make no mistake, Qatar is much more than a country, the land home to a few of our key military bases is our little sister from another mother. Qatar does not need democracy when it has the U.S., President Obama said in a statement Thursday addressing accusations of supporting Qatar’s completely undemocratic system while slamming Egypt’s president, who was elected with over 20 million votes, for undemocratic practices.

Qatar’s Amir Tameem 2, the latest in a series of unending coups, has been hard at work promoting democracy in the Middle East from his kiosk atop ocean oil, leading many activists to pose the question “dude, why don’t you start with your own damn country or whatever it is you live in?”

Qatar currently hosts extremist clergymen such as Qaradawi, who has publicly called for killing Egyptian police and army personnel, while at the same time claims fighting ISIS terrorists. Qatar is also a heavy promoter of human rights in the Middle East despite using slave labor to build  World Cup 2020 stadiums.

The little nation of contradictions has experts, psychologists, and proctologists scratching their heads. Egyptian businessmen Tarek Heggy says it’s an inferiority complex. Tameem, the ruler he usurped, the ruler he usurped, and the ruler he usurped, all from one family, simply want to be recognized, they want their country’s name appearing in the news, it makes them happy, Heggy said.

Besides its small size and little number of citizens, Qatar is also a new player on the political scene, in fact, in the sixties, Qatar was still only a “tent and two palm trees”, as President Nasser put it, which experts speculate added a hell lot of salt to a bleeding wound.


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