The amount of ignorance and left-wing blindness induced stupidity surrounding American Sniper is just too much. First and foremost, war is abominable. And, as an Arab living in today’s Middle East, I can say with great assurance, the war on Iraq is a quagmire for both the U.S. and the region. Now, with these two facts stated, a battalion needs it a sniper. The decision to invade Iraq was bad, but once the decision has been taken and there is no changing it, a battalion without a sniper is incomplete, it has simply been essential on the battlefield since WW II. The soldiers on the ground, those not implicated in torture or other war crimes, are patriots meaning nothing but to serve their country. Troops can not declare nor end a war, their goal is always to accomplish a mission with as less casualties as possible, snipers can help in this. So leftists hating on American Sniper please remember, the war was wrong, but you still want your soldiers back alive.