Egypt’s activists demand DNA evidence of Muslim Brotherhood involvement in terrorism

Egyptian opposition parties and movements have refused blaming the acts of terror haunting Egypt on the Muslim Brotherhood without biological evidence or mathematical proof.

Nazi-like supremacist literature, bigoted writings, telling acts, and accusations of high treason against the Muslim Brotherhood do not condemn or implicate the organization in funding or enticing terrorism. Even if their website and media anchors have enticed terrorism, the Interior Ministry has to provide DNA evidence, Socialists Revolutionaries, Strong Egypt, and many other recalcitrant entities said in a post on Facebook Thursday.

Why do not the fingerprints on the guns or explosive devices match any of the registered Brotherhood paying members’? Why don’t investigations yield videos of Brothers directly hiring thugs to attack police officers and stir chaos? It is very suspicious, the post said.

Ever since January 25 revolution Egypt’s leftists have always sided with Islamists leading many Egyptians to question their leftiness.


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