Sherifa Zuhur: Egypt: Log of Violence Jan 2014 – Feb 3, 2015 – Sinai, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis and more


Each day, I read claims in the media and social media that terrorism in Egypt is a) being exaggerated by the Egyptian ‘deep state’ or its supporters or b) that Egyptian militants in the Sinai, demonstrators on the mainland guilty of violence, or that saboteurs (planting bombs) are being unfairly pursued or charged because they are simply supporters of the ‘peaceful’ Muslim Brotherhood. Waves of violence began in August of 2013 and have not ceased, although the army and security forces are making inroads in the Sinai and are able to successfully defuse many of the bombs and devices planted in other parts of Egypt.   It is essential to understand that this violence is not a random outreach effort of ISIS – it is a deliberate strategy by Ansar Morsi, whether these are members of radical organizations like the State of Sinai/Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, or disgruntled supporters of the Muslim…

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