Socialist Revolutionaries protest “police state” in Areesh

A group of the Socialist Revolutionaries, 15 to be exact, took the Super Jet to Areesh Friday for their organized demonstration against military rule and police state oppression in Sinai.

An Egyptian army battalion stationed in Sinai had taken vicious hits by terrorists on Thursday that left at least 30 soldiers dead and more than 60 injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The Socialist Revolutionaries said just because Islamic Jihadists are entrenched in Sinai and are carrying out terrorist attacks against the Egyptian army, it does not mean the army can run rampant in the Egyptian peninsula, launch preemptive strikes against terrorists, and kill them without fair trials.

They also said Sisi spelled backwards in ISIS, meaning the suppressing of freedom of speech and freedom to protest without a permit breed terrorists. “Islamists are Egyptian citizens and must be incorporated in the political life somehow, terrorists or not, I do not care,” one bearded Socialist Revolutionary told our blonde reporter whom he found attractive enough to talk to.

A few minutes after the heinous attack had taken place, prominent Egyptian cinema icon Khaled Abul-Nage had a burning urge to weigh in and took to Twitter to say this,”Sisi should step down temporarily for things to cool down a bit.”

Mohamed Al-Baradie gave us the silent treatment.


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