On Rustin Cohle’s “Religion is a language virus”

“Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that re-writes pathways in the brain, dulls critical thinking.” Detective Rustin Cohle

Religion is illogical. I do not know what is more delusional:

A) Claiming that snakes talk and mammals can fly humans to undisclosed locations in space makes sense? or B) Believing that the irrationality of religion is a test of faith?

Religion is also pervasive in the lives of those who practice it, I witnessed Islam. It is a lens to look at existence through, explaining life and death, albeit by using trickery and faith, the overruler of critical thinking. Growing up among religious folks in Cairo I saw how an interpretation of an Islamic text is always there regulate one aspect of people’s lives. Marriage, clothing, arts, literature, working manners, hospitality, charity, you name it. Islam acts as a terminal between the minds and the outside world manipulating how they perceive its elements and respond to them. There is a spectrum though, the weight of religion differs from one person to another, but there is always a weight of some sort.

A popular phrase Muslims regularly recite is “Sobhan Allah”, meaning how magnificent God is, or how superb God’s work is. When an adult Muslim sees something wonderful, there is a chance they will -immediately or after one or more questions- say “Sobhan Allah.” “Sobhan Allah” ends the inquiry, there is a greater being that accounts for all this and is responsible for it, a being we don’t possess the mental power to perceive or comprehend. The drive to investigate and the curiosity that fuels it are considerably dulled. “Allah made it that way” is likely to be at the end of an answer to a question by a Muslim child when the parent has reached their knowledge’s lid, bolstering the position of a greater mystical being against curiosity and skepticism. The curiosity and skepticism to inspire the next Nobel physicist or biologist. The mythology of religion and the incalculable rules it overrides with the Faith Pass Card numb the brain’s critical power, looking objectively at the world becomes hard, the lens is full of obfuscating spots. Look at women through religion, they become unequal, look at disbelievers through religion, they become second-tier citizens, look at freedom of speech through religion, it becomes censored.


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