Nola (explicit)

Nola got back from work to her father and brother watching a game and her mother cooking.

-How was your day honey.

Her father asked.
-Great, dad.
-Mastered Excel yet?
-No, dad I left that job 4 months ago.

Nola hurried to the bathroom and took off her clothes, her head scarf, her tight long-sleeve t-shirt, her bra, and her pants, quivering. In the bathtub, under warm shower water, she slid her hand between her legs. In her mind, her boyfriend is advancing on her, she’s blushing but too hungry to gesture any resistance. His strong muscular hand rubs her blood rose hard and electricity surges through her body. She moans, quietly. He grabs her breast and she just leans back, his now. He turns her around and fucks her ass, two lubed fingers for that, she uses hair cream. And she orgasms, blissfully, like a normal human being. Outside this bathroom she’s the short chubby unattractive girl, but in it, she’s the mistress of a thousand men, even if it’s for moments. She’s satisfied.

In the evening, her friend Sally called.

-So, I have been looking online for stones that have effects on people, turns out there are many, nothing like scientifically proven of course, but people have always believed some stones have powers.

-I’m not even sure it’s a stone, it feels like slippery metal, but it’s not wet, and it didn’t give me powers, just made me bold, I’ve been doing things I never thought I could.

-Like what?

-Have you ever, masturbated?
-………………. sometimes I fantasize about stuff, and, you know, touch myself down there.

-I insert things in both holes.


-Whatever I desire I experience, my imagination has become so vivid, my fantasies become realities, I have never been happier.

-That black cube gave you that?


-I want it.

-No, I want you.


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