Qutb’s LSD

The second most influential man in the Muslim Brotherhood is Sayyed Qutb. Qutb was ugly looking. He failed as a critic and as a writer. There is not one account of him engaging in any sexual relation of any kind with any woman. Before joining the Brotherhood his ambition was never fulfilled, he was desperate, the village boy coveted the recognition of city folks. His extremism and bigotry achieved him a great status in the Brotherhood. Failing to become a hero among the liberals he became their villain, an agent of chaos and disintegration.

Qutb never gave his followers LSD or Acid, but he sold them on the concept of Hakimiya: – The word of Allah should be the only law applied on earth and men who make and abide by other laws are infields and must be fought (Jihad). Of course the interpretation and enforcement of the word of Allah is a task exclusively for Qutb and his family and friends.

He pumped new blood into the pot writings of the Brotherhood’s founder Hassan el-Banna (becoming masters of the world through following the teachings of Islam), injected a fresh more active red blood cells. A receptive mind weakened by lack of critical thinking- exactly what our education system produces- is a theocrat’s perfect recruit. Qutb did not produce any new economic, political, or literary theory, he simply repackaged the Islamic jihad, the LSD his followers crave and the only thing they understand.

If you think about it, LSD is the perfect drug for individuals failing – and refusing- to learn the lesson of church and state; individuals in rivalry with enlightenment; individuals seeking to create a caliphate where men of God rule the people in his name, again; individuals seeking to reprise the Middle Ages but with the Quran instead of the Bible thinking that this is the only way for progress and salvation. They need LSD to see the perfect eternal life beyond their miserable existence on earth. They need LSD to disrupt their perception and distort their comprehension.


LSD is one hell of a drug.


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