Rights of Islamists in a terrorism industrial zone

Egypt is one of the international terrorism manufacturers, from students attacking police officers and damaging public property to militants planting bombs and forming terrorist cells. Those terrorists have theorists known as the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, Islamists. Islamists produce the literature and provide the ideas -soil- on which militancy is planted and grown. The Egyptian state has been involved in a cat and mouse game with Islamists for over forty years. While playing, Islamists have cemented a solid working network and secured wide popularity. Because of some kind of a reason or logic completely beyond my all means of comprehension, a good few of Egyptian leftists have always chosen to stand by and support Islamists as comrades and brothers in arms in the fight against state. “Our intellectuals were so busy defending the Muslim Brotherhood they completely forgot Egypt’s existential need for popularizing secularism,” Professor of Philosophy Murad Wahba once said. President Sadat put it more bluntly, “Communists are working with Islamists, it’s hysterical”.

Islamism – Islam as a religion and a constitution for life- has contributed greatly to throttling progress in Egypt. Raising children to believe beyond any doubt in the eternal afterlife has diminished their interest in this life and directed some of them to follow the merchants of heaven known as Sheikhs of Islam. Hypocrisy is widely practiced to cover up lifestyles that significantly deviate from the obsolete social stipulations of Islam. Non-conformists are regarded as evil heathens. Islamism has created a general culture of fundamentalism not even men of science could escape. For instance, Islamists are against birth control, having as many kids as possible is encouraged by Sheikhs, the thing that caused an over-population problem, which benefited only Islamists who ensnare the poor with charity and promises of heaven. To this day, organ donation upon brain-stem death is still out of our hospitals because of Azhar’s interference in legislation. Some physicians wholeheartedly promote female genital mutilation to guarantee virtue. Awesome Azhar has a government-sponsored department dedicated to finding scientific Easter eggs in the Quran using taxpayers’ money, and the bulk of Egyptians find it reasonable, and you read that correctly.

These factors have created a sick society leaning towards myth away from science and gradually collapsing in on itself. It also helps that the Middle East is being disintegrated into self-destructing war zones at the hands of Islamists.

Amid all this, a great number of influential and politically active leftists prefer to defend the political rights of organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, somehow failing to realize their mere existence is a threat to Egypt’s existence. One third of the upcoming parliament’s members could easily delegitimize Sisi’s presidency, throwing us in head-twisting turbulence.There are icebergs up ahead in the distance.

And the state is as much complicit.

Islamists already have an edge in our religious society, the scaffolding provided to them by the state and leftists has overpowered a cancer brilliantly capable of making ancient fundamentalist ideas appealing again. Even in secular countries like Sweden and France, Islamists should be kept under state’s close watch and under the steel hand of law. Remember, their endgame is either the Islamic Caliphate or Terrorism.

Take sides, fight for your goals, sacrifices have to be made. Disenfranchising and socially ostracizing Islamists are paramount necessities to preserve Egypt.

Nature is apathetic and cruel, but it cannot hold a candle to modern economy and political warfare.


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