The Middle Eastern anti-sex lawyer’s complex

Darkness interrupted by flashes of white light, pain, total lack of control, a baby handled by monsters. “Rectal penetration with a blunt object,” the report said. Nabhi was found unconscious in one of the school bathroom stalls, pants down covered in blood and traces of fecal matter. Nabhi was the teachers’ pet, a pet rat. His parents weren’t really interested in him and the cool kids at school made him the subject of stand-up comedies.

It wasn’t just his round comical physique, his literalist mind that didn’t understand metaphors or sarcasms made his replies and remarks perfect mocking material. What’s worse is that he didn’t fully comprehend his linguistic disability, and oftentimes laughed with the students laughing at him. Nabhi couldn’t connect with his school peers, his desperate need for approval drove him to strengthen his relationship with the teaching staff, by becoming their pet.

One day after school, Nabhi was waiting for his mother to pick him up in the playground, most of the kids had left by then. An unusual mingle of faint voices caught Nabhi’s attention. He went to investigate.

Through the keyhole, two perfect silhouettes penetrated his eye. Afternoon sun barely conveyed the passionate movements of the two love bodies, the short breaths and intimate whispers mesmerized Nabhi. He stared until his eye adapted to the room light, he made out the two lovers. Of course the next day he told on them, one week later, he was found unconscious in the bathroom.

Nabhi blocked the incident, but he developed an aversion to sex and expressions of sexuality because they irritated his wound. After graduating school of law, he made it his mission to bug the fuck out of beautiful actresses and devas. Some constitution articles gave him the chance and Islamists supported him, he filed lawsuits against sex scenes, lawsuits against provocative music videos, dresses too tight, looks too suggestive. Needless to say, he lost all of them, but slapping the adjective “defendant” on attractive women gave him moments of satisfaction, extreme satisfaction, he wore two sets of pants in court so semen won’t seep out. He hardly managed pregnancy sex with his wife, the foolish laughter never left his face, and every day on bed before sleeping, he cried in silence, to the unfolding night.


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