Mubarak’s Witches

Rich corrupt businesspersons with huge disposable incomes will always try to break or bend the law to serve their wills, they have existed before Mubarak and will continue to be around in the foreseeable future, so will religious fundamentalists and religion exploiters. It is your duty to expose and put an end to their malpractice in your area of influence. If Mubarak had been sentenced to death by fire Egypt’s problem would have still continued to throttle any progress, if Mubarak returns to power our problems will still persist. We, the Egyptian liberals, should synergize to fight Islamists, corrupt capitalists, and radical leftists. Spreading tales of terror about “Mubarak’s Men” is harmful and deluding – maybe deliberately- to say the least. The last thing Egypt needs is creating ghosts and sending motivated youths on witch-hunts after people who worked for the National Democratic Party by accusing them of corruption without evidence or lawsuits. Using the “Return of Mubarak’s Men” mantra to fuck around should be faced with extreme prudence and violence when necessary.

And the only way to destroy the threat of Islamism is putting back skepticism in schools in the place of religion’s absolute truth.


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