To hijab or not to hijab

By A.H. Zidan

Finally, I have taken the long-thought-of decision. I will break up with my friend who stopped wearing trousers. His Facebook status was really a shock to many people, “thank God! from now on, I will only wear shorts, no more pants, they never made me comfy,” he wrote.

“You should be ashamed,” I commented on his status, “and you shouldn’t say things like that in public.”

Well, you see how insane I am? But what if my friend is to apply for a job after taking the no-pants decision? I believe he won’t be accepted. This is what happened when a girl wrote on Facebook, “thank God, I am no longer veiled, it’s a blessing.” She choose to remove the hijab and made it public she was happy with her very personal decision. Yet, for some people, the decision wasn’t personal.

A few months later, The unveiled girl applied for a job where being veiled is not one of the job requirements. She passed the initial test and arrived at the interview. One of the interviewers had taught the girl at college and was on her Facebook friends list, she had read the revelatory status, and judged her. Much to the girl’s surprise, the interviewer attacked and brought up the hijab-removal Facebook status.

The interviewer said, “the image you create for yourself in public might affect your professional life, so beware what you say and avoid controversial and shocking personal posts on Facebook.”
The girl got confused, she wasn’t prepared for a completely out of context remark uttered with an extremely rancid judgmental tone, she lost her confidence and failed the interview.

The professor was so proud of destroying the young girl’s dream of getting a job in Egypt’s current stifling economy. She related the story in a college workshop attended by around 30 trainees. They all hailed the story as a wise stroke.

I was one of the trainees.

That’s why I decided to break up with my no-pants friend.


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