-Hurry, I’m starving
-Coming, do we know who we are hunting?
-Any hobo will do
-God no, they sicken me, let’s hunt by the sea, a teenage couple or one of those street vendors working late
-Ok, you drive, I’ll be on the lookout

November night wind blew hard, the Alexandrian sea black waves hit the shore like an angry fighter looking for a worthy challenger. Sam and Sally drove into the night with empty stomachs. The police have been searching everywhere, wide-eyed, after the found bones matched the DNA of several kidnapped individuals. It was Sally’s mistake, she has left some bones intact, feral cats and dogs were not able to eat them. A garbageman delivered the bones to the police. Sam and Sally aren’t greedy, an average weight human satisfies their hunger for a weak or so, it has been a month since their last meal.

-Do you see that
-I’ll be damned

A chubby woman, no less than 80 kilos, was walking all by herself carrying a small bag.

-Stop the car, how do I look?
-Like the sexy girl you are

Sam dressed as a girl to make luring females easier, catching boys was effortless.

The cannibals cautiously hurried to catch up with the plump woman. Sally scanned the balconies, windows, and shops overlooking the sea, all closed or empty. A lot of hunts were called off because of nearby witnesses, the lions were not always successful. They use the element of surprise to paralyze their victim, surprise and a sharp knife to the spinal cord. Their prey was on her knees, Sally inserted another small knife into her throat to eliminate screaming, making sure the pouring blood is blocked by a small towel. In the car they also cut her femoral artery and she was a goner by now, the last picture she saw was her killers in a dark car, her eyes were dumbfounded by fright, blood pooled around her corpse. Sam and Sally contemplated their work for a few seconds before starting the car, the green clock read 12:15.

Sometimes they would go for months without human flesh, swallowed by malaise, living like zombies, but tonight, they felt alive.

The car was cleaned with bleach and big towels, which were transferred to their apartment in black plastic bags. The prey was cut up and her parts were also carried in plastic bags, like any couple after a trip to the supermarket.

-We are very much like nature you know
-We are?
-Yea, we consume people, nature consumes people, our method isn’t any more painful than nature’s ways
-Feeling guilty?
-I wish I felt anything
-We are nature’s kids, just like she made us
-Don’t you mean God’s?
-God, nature, our cat, the woman we are cooking, whoever or whatever runs this
-Come here

Sam and Sally made sweet love, naked, impervious to Alexandria’s unforgiving cold and heart shattering winds.


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