Age of Bullshit

It is said that Neil Armstrong heard the Islamic call for prayer, Azan, while on the moon. Do you know that Einstein was a firm believer in god? And why not when the Quran has accurately predicted half of the modern scientific discoveries. Have you seen the hospitals and roads in Saudi Arabia? What an advanced nation, incredibly wealthy as well, probably because its people are pious. Islam has ordered Muslims to be tolerant and peaceful, modern Muslims don’t represent true Islam.

Deteriorating nations are perfect breeding grounds for fabrications, hypocrisy, lies, and fact-bending. Their people fail to grasp contemporary cultural and scientific paradigms so they come up with their own. But their interpretations of things are founded on ignorance and bigotry-breeding faith, exampled by Arab countries.

What we need is a reset, a secular dictator, as in a president who dictates the separation of mosque and state to usher in a period where facts are the courtesy of science not ancient scriptures. Time is of the essence, the gap between us and them is increasing at a rapidly accelerating rate, the Middle East is slowly becoming a war zone, self-deception and sugar-coating our dark and horrifying reality will only quicken our obliteration.


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