Guardians of the Right

The popular Egyptian satellite channel Cairocentric has recently started airing a program on the art and history of belly dancing. Belly dancing, that form of physical expression that never caused any harm or any beheadings. Some conservative muslim moms and dads were infuriated, hot steam came out of their noses, ears, mouths, and other orifices. Sheiks, the flamboyantly and normally dressed, were angered as well. We are all fifth graders and they are the headmasters, the guardians of morality making sure we don’t stray out of line.

Their tiny, pathetic, disgusting, retarded, incapacitated, rotten brains are sure interesting to study in lab.

Here’s how they work.

The guardians believe they hold the absolute truth on earth, be it Islam or Christianity. These creeds dictate a code of conduct and moral principles. The application of the code of conduct and moral principles on everyday situations in our lives is subject to the interpretation of the guardians, they feel the urge to regulate our lives, it’s the curse of believing you, and only you, know what’s right. You got it correct while all others got it wrong.

That’s why religion eventually leads to fanaticism.


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