In defense of god: a requiem for insanity

Middle Eastern Modern Moderate Muslims (MEMMM) have escaped to the farthest place away from reality to defend their faith. I have explained before that god is a word with no meaning, but MEMMMs somehow still believe and worship this word. With all the beheadings and killing taking place in the Middle East now in the name of Allah, MEMMMs found themselves obligated to uphold the word they worship and explain why he/she/it won’t step in and end the savagery. Their answer is the Islamic version of “mysterious ways”, all this will make sense in the end, god’s wisdom is beyond our comprehension, in other words they do not know, they do not have an answer.

MEMMMs are currently arguing for a meaningless word with an answer they don’t have, that’s how disconnected from reality MEMMMs are. It’s no wonder they still think ending the violence lies in the hands of Moderate Sheikhs, the guys who helped Muslims lose interest in life on Earth in favor of the eternal one in heaven, the reason why Muslim countries are out of the modern scientific community.


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