Prophet White Beard was browsing through lingeries for one of his nine wives when he was accosted by a man with one simple request.

– I want to see the Ghost?

– What?

– The Ghost who delivers the word of the Kraken to you in cave Rahora, I want to see him

– Why?

– Because the word of the Kraken guides my life and gives it purpose, it’s only logical that I make sure you actually meet with a Ghost there and are not just making up the verses as you go along

– It’s impossible, the Ghost only appears to me

-And why is that?

-It’s the Kraken’s wisdom, you should believe me, that’s your test in life

-That’s pretty fucking stupid

-That is the Kraken’s desire

-He wants me to be stupid?

-He wants you to be obedient so you can go to heaven and fuck bitches

-Well, anything for bitches

-Have a good day