Ghazali and jail time for Facebook posts

Every episode she gives her viewers a lesson in morality, and they fervently listen. The lessons are usually inspired by her life or the lives of her friends. Pre-packed superfluous phony as George Bush’s intellect lessons. I was at my Grandparents’, the topic was why it should very understandable that God will torture some people in hell forever and ever. “Because they are atheists or blasphemers, unlike serial killers and rapists their sin is unforgivable,” answered Sheik Khaled el-Guindy, the T.V. Hijab clad hostess agreed. Guindy makes thousands of pounds saying things like this on national and satellite T.V.

I was shocked, I asked all those present around me – all devout Muslims- if they agreed with what Guindy said. All approved, some reluctantly, some adamantly. It seems the majority of modern Arab Middle Eastern Muslims follow Abu-Hamid Al-Ghazali’s school of thought. Ghazali made it clear it’s blatant heresy or apostasy to negatively critique, analyze or even doubt each of the following concepts:
A) Allah’s Monotheism
B) The Quran As Allah’s Word
C) Mohamed’s Prophecy

By imposing divinity on the three aforementioned suppositions that constitute the essence of Islam, Muslims have turned their faith into an infertile dogma immune to questioning, they have imprisoned themselves in Islam instead of using it as an encompassing philosophy to understand life. For example, they are now concerned about minute trivial details – like what words to use when asking favors from God- instead of studying the universe with passion to truly perceive the meaning of God. Music is haram, we can not hear God speaking to us in Vivaldi’s concertos. It is no wonder some activists in Egypt get jailed for making “atheistic” Facebook and Twitter posts, because criticizing Islam constitutes blasphemy, not a venture to understand it better. Muslims have reduced Islam to daily mutterings and yearly practices that make sense only in a pagan context.

The rules are meaningless and we can’t discuss them because of Ghazali’s three prohibitions. Our minds were dulled when we were barred from asking questions and killed for rejecting the few insufficient answers we received.

Why should we be forced to take the Quran literally through a tire hub viewpoint set hundreds of years ago? Can’t we at least doubt our understanding of the Quran?

No one is asking you to abandon Islam, just widen your field of sight, spread your wings, don’t cage your ideas. We are way behind the Western world, the gap is widening at an increasing rate…


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