The voices in their heads

At a cold winter dawn they were born, conceived years before.


Their voices speak at night, evil in masks looking kind. They utter the unbelievable, maggots controlling their heads, clouding their judgment, get them their meds.


The voices speak of reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Brotherhood founded on bigotry and intolerance, in essence terroristic. The voices make them defend the Brotherhood’s right to kill us, enslave us. The voices make Rabia armed sit-in seem peaceful. The voices make killing a police officer and demolishing his police station a petty crime. The voices get 8 to be reported as 600*. The voices tell them to be scared of terrorism and yield to the Brotherhood.


Darker voices tell others they are the scions of god. They develop a taste for killing, murder becomes joyful, slitting throats becomes a sacred ritual.


The voices, my friend, are our enemies. We will silence them.


* 38 Muslim Brothers were sentenced to death for breaking into Matay police station, demolishing it, and killing a police officer. Only 8 are already in custody, Egyptian law grants all the other fugitives a retrial once apprehended. The number 8 was reported as 600+.


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