1) The Apple Of His Mother’s Eye Amr Hamzawi (Professor Of Political Science)

Amr Hamzawi belongs to the US school of thought that wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to take its time in power to learn democracy, Hamzawi and some other liberals were appointed by the US administration to provide liberal opposition to the Brotherhood and give its regime a tan of authenticity, Head of the Middle East Forum For Strategic Studies Samir Ghattas told Alqahera Alyoum’s Khaled Abu-Bakr. Hamzawi opposed the removal of Morsi and called June 30 a military coup while, at the same time, praising January 25 as a full blown glorious revolution; a sacred yearning for freedom. In both January 25 and June 30 the Army yielded to the people’s demand and deposed the demented despot on the president’s chair. Morsi, of course, added terrorist and traitor to demented despot. Hamzawi preferred to continue with political opposition against Morsi. He wanted to test the political theories he studied on live subjects; Egyptians.

Now his raison d’être is to prove to us how any hope for democracy in Egypt is lost as we move towards a tyrannical military rule void of all human rights.

2) Mr. Nuclear Mohamed el-Baradie (former head of the IAEA)

Another comically interesting character is the US’s first man in Egypt Mohamed el-Baradie. He appeared sometime in the past ten years and began working under the guise of promoting democracy, US-approved democracy. Unlike Hamzawi, Baradie blessed the removal of Morsi and accepted the Vice President post. But true colors never stay hidden under Egypt’s scorching sun, Baradie strongly opposed dispersing the Muslim Brotherhood’s armed sit-in in Rabia Square and resigned immediately after security forces had been done with it. Rabiaa’s sit-in was Baradie’s experiment. He wanted to observe how it will evolve into a fortified state within state rife with weapons and jihadists and how people will deal with it. It was more of a social experiment than a political one, but Egyptians refused.

Baradie is now in Vienna planning his next move but he still has devoted friends and followers in Egypt.

3) Anne Patterson ( The Scary Crone )

Cold and contained, almost psychopathically, former US ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson is a true lizard. She was the engineer mandated by US to install the Muslim Brotherhood in power. Her experiment was to see whether granting Islamists power in their countries would end the terrorist attacks on the West or not. In exchange for helping the Brotherhood, the US would find an obedient subordinate in Egypt and Hamas, one of the Brotherhood’s many branches. We busted her and the US’s experiment, sorry Obama. And good luck with the Muslim Brothers in your administration.

Inspired by @Fattatria