The Muslim Brotherhood’s Fabian Strategy in Egypt

The Fabian military strategy relies on repeatedly dragging your opponents to small skirmishes instead of massive battles to slowly erode their resources and wear down their morale. It’s the war of attrition that crowned Fabius Maximus victor of the Punic Wars after he realized head to head encounters with the Carthaginians were a lost cause. The Muslim Brotherhood is following a similar strategy in Egypt.

Every Friday, Muslim Brotherhood elements would run amok on the Egyptian streets wreaking havoc through provoking police forces. Their “protests” are peaceful but they have no problem throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at people and police forces alike. Brotherhood elements in universities also engage in small skirmishes with police forces on a weekly basis. In a parallel line to these violent riots, Ansar Beit el-Maqdes and other terrorist groups based in Sinai and elsewhere target policemen with bombs. The Muslim Brotherhood and their friends are not engaging in any major political or nonpolitical head to head encounters with Egyptians or their government.

The onslaught of light but very steady hits cost the government money, hurts tourism, and contributes to an overall image of instability the Western media is always hungry for. Moreover, Brotherhood elements who protest without permission, damage public property, and attack policemen are arrested and tried. Patrick Kingsley and David Kirkpatrick will report these arrests as ‘Police Cracks Down On Angelically Peaceful Activists And Oppresses The F*** Out Of Poor Islamists’, it’s pornographic. What the Brotherhood and their reporters will fail at is lowering the morale of everyday Egyptians who have begun taking matters into their own hands. And they will get more and more violently spiteful as the so called protests continue to hurt their businesses and stifle their lives.

Examples of the Muslim Brotherhood mobs’ routine on every Friday.

> Muslim Brotherhood march burns Sisi supporter’s house in Ezbet el-Nakhl, Cairo –

> Muslim Brotherhood mob beats up cop in 10th of Ramadan City –

> Muslim Brotherhood mob sets fire to balcony in Fayoum amid clashes with police

> Muslim Brotherhood elements block Haram street in Giza prompting Security Forces to disperse them with tear gas, police then combed the area looking for troublemakers –

> Menofiya denizens tie pro-Morsi elements who attacked houses to street lampposts –


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