Wake the hell up, Americans

The American left wing is always busy calling for tolerance of other cultures and beliefs. Islamists are exploiting the liberal environment of the United States to gain ground in the American society as moderates compared to the extremists of Al-Qaeda. Islamists working in the US, like the Muslim Brotherhood, may have you think they are for free speech, freedom of and from religion, and rights of gays, hell, a dude from CAIR actually said Islam is the definitive creed of freedom, which maybe true if Islam is reinterpreted philosophically, and that’s not happening anytime soon. Because the Muslim Brotherhood upholds the same principles of Al-Qaeda, alas with a deceiving alternate public image.
 How did the Muslim Brotherhood behave in Egypt? They endorsed Female Genital Mutilation as a measure to protect virtue, but they lie about it, they endorsed violence against women, but they lie about it, they endorsed child marriage, but they lie about it. The Muslim Brothers were not only known as failed extremist politicians in Egypt during their one year in power, but also as liars and hypocrites, their double messages on twitter made a lot of Egyptians – who are mostly conservative Muslims- disdain them. 
What separates the Muslim Brotherhood from terrorists– whom they often work with– is tactics not ideology. The Brotherhood has successfully built a facade of moderate cuteness to infiltrate the Islamic institutions in the United States, take them over, and exploit tolerance and democracy to end both. But underneath that facade is the same ideas by which Al-Qaeda and her terrorist friends operate. And it’s not just the Muslim Brotherhood, fundamentalism is rampant in the Arab Middle East, crippling young minds and imposing a culture of death –and fear of torture in the grave- on the lives of millions. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to impose that culture on the United States, do not let them. Do not let accepting others be the US’s antithesis that erodes the core principles which made America a superior cultural and scientific nation.

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