Roots of terrorism: Banaa in his own words

Original article by Sameh Eid here.

Hassan el-Banaa is the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many claim he was a reformer and a pacifist, let’s look at some of the ideas found in his letters to the Muslim Brothers.

A Party Of Their Own

” Now, our cause stands strong, capable of being directive not directed, influential not influenced. We call on men of power and wealth, institutions, and political parties to join our cause, walk our path, and work with us. We urge them to abandon their vain ways and unite under the guide of the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohamed. If they agreed, their life and afterlife would be joyfully blessed, and they would save us time and effort. If they didn’t, we would have to wait and ask God to force them into serving our cause as minions. God’s will be done.”

Notice phrases like “join our cause” and “work with us,” consider how “uniting under the guide of Quran” is tied to “working with us.” It’s the absolute belief pure and simple.

The Rightful Path 

” God will not hold you accountable for what your deeds yield, but for whether your actions and intentions were in good faith. When we err we are rewarded for effort and when we succeed we are rewarded for achievement. But experience says our way is the rightful path, our plans are the fruitful, and our actions are the wisest. Know that God is always by your side.”

The Army 

” The time our forces have reached twelve thousand soldiers, equipped with faith and belief, culture and science, and fit able bodies, urge me to lead you into the seas and the skies, invading the land of every stubborn Titan. I reckon this hour will be upon us before long.”

Banaa is crystal-clear in this paragraph about his intention to use force when his men are ready.

Before engaging in political work and practicing terrorism by proxy, the Muslim Brotherhood had gotten its hands stained with blood throughout many vile acts:-

1945, Assassination of Egypt’s premier Ahmed Maher

1946, Bombing Miami theater

1947, Bombing Metro, Cosmos, and Metropol theaters

1948, Calling for killing all parties and factions that do not apply the rule of Allah

1948, Assassinating Judge Ahmed el-Khazendar

1948, Bombing Jews valley in Moski area

1948, Bombing Ats and Banzioon shops

1948, Bombing Jews valley for the second time

1948, Bombing the eastern commercials company

1948, Assassinating Mahmoud Fahmy Al-Noqrashi

And the list goes on.

After January 25 revolution the Muslim Brotherhood mobs have made a lot of vicious appearances on the scene, most notably, attacking and torturing protesters outside Ittihadiya Presidential Palace following Morsi’s dictatorial constitutional declaration.



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