Is Ansar Beit el-Maqdes working with the Muslim Brotherhood?

In his book Forgotten pages from the history of Islamic movement, Talal el-Ansari – key figure in the terrorist organization Military Technical College (MTC)– writes about his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. After meeting with Saleh Sariah of the MTC and Zeinab el-Ghazali, prominent Brotherhood member, Ansari pledged his allegiance to the Brotherhood’s supreme guide in Manial, Cairo and vowed never to disclose his ties to the group. On April 18, 1974, the MTC – also known as Islamic liberation Organization – launched a 100-strong attack led by Sariah on the armory of the Military Technical College in Cairo to steal arms and vehicles. The plan was to assassinate former President Anwar el-Sadat who was located in a nearby building and take over power in Egypt. If the attack had been a success the Brotherhood would have announced responsibility for it, but security forces thwarted the operation. The Brotherhood mandated lawyers to defend arrested MTC terrorists.

One of the charges facing ousted president Morsi is spying. The case links Morsi to Al-Qaeda and Sinai Jihadists, and exposes covert talks between the two parties. Among these Jihadist groups is Ansar Beit el-Maqdes who has announced responsibility for bombing Cairo Security Directorate, shooting down a military helicopter in Sinai, and other terrorist attacks hitting Egypt since the removal of the Brotherhood’s regime. These complex attacks require logistics, intelligence, and funding which are more than likely provided by the Muslim Brotherhood given its history, ties with terrorists, and fascistic Nazi-like literature by Hassan el-Bana and Sayed Qutb. An unstable Egypt with worn down security apparatus is a perfect environment for the Brotherhood – a secret underground group for more than eighty years- to work on its goals. In fact, Leading Brotherhood figure Mohamed el-Beltagy said publicly that Sinai Jihadists will cease their operations once Morsi returns to power. The attacks also serve to better the Brotherhood’s negotiating position.

During the past six months, the Egyptian Armed Forces have been assaulting Sinai terrorist strongholds and eliminating resident Jihadist masterminds one by one. Sinai tribes are lending the Army full support and providing it with information. Desperate, one of Al-Qaeda affiliates has attacked Israel with two harmless rockets aiming to drag the IDF to the Sinai frying pan against the Egyptian forces.

Morsi’s spying case is upcoming. His testimony will incriminate a lot of parties who will try to get rid of him.

There is no sanctioned contract between the Muslim Brotherhood and Ansar Beit el-Maqdes, but examining the available information and contemplating the organization’s history point to clear sordid links.

Credit goes to Dr. Samir Ghattas, head of Middle East Forum for Strategic Studies, for bringing up these points to public attention.


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