Explaining use of violence at Rabia

A few months ago, a joint operation between the Egyptian Army and police dismantled an armed Muslim Brotherhood sit-in in Rabia Square. The Brotherhood’s regime had just been removed by a revolution not seen in modern history in terms of numbers. All Egyptian establishments were aware of the Brotherhood’s threat to state security and wanted – fervently- the people to rise against the Brotherhood’s fascistic, theocratic regime. Morsi had been in power for one whole year and did not try once to better the police’s harsh, heavy-handed methods. Contrarily, he used security forces to crack down on his opposition exactly like Mubarak did during the January uprising.

So the Muslim Brothers are familiar with our police’s liberal use of violence in enforcing the law. Who did they think we will send to deal with their terror-spreading armed fort in Rabia Square ? The Four Cats or Amr Diab?. Until we modernise our police forces and educate them on the rights of out-laws, and this is going to take some time, they will continue to be the only body meant with enforcing law. Sorry criminals and terrorists, you are going to have to face the Interior Ministry personnel for the time being, and they are tough as nails.


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