It’s ok if you’re an atheist to fear god sometimes

In the few moments after waking, before the conscious mind takes control, and the few seconds before falling asleep, it sometimes hits me, all the myths I been told, all the tales I was fed, what if there is a god and he will punish me for rejecting him? It comes to me in some dreams as well. Believers will tell you this is the voice of truth coming from your still good heart. That’s bullcrap. This is this the calling of your primitive, animalistic sub-conscious mind, the part of the brain that houses instincts and avoidance of harm in their basic forms.

Part of becoming an atheist is switching power to your conscious mind, what the Enlightenment era was all about. This critically conscious mind would respond with “Even if this heavenly father existed, I greatly doubt the conjurer of matter and energy would seek so fervently praise from his trivalent creations.”

So the momentary fear of god becomes like looking at a creepy clown or a wolf with human teeth in the dark, ambiguous, worth looking into, but definitely not life-shaping.



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