Why June 30? A very short summary

Under a scorching sun, millions have gathered across various Egyptian governorates to pronounce rejection for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule. The spirit of January 25 comes back to haunt the regime after only one year in power. It’s not without good reasons. The Brotherhood has fallen into more than one dramatic flow and a dozen fatal errors, each warrants relinquishing power, thus June 30.

After fighting for eighty years – that included imprisonment and torture – to get hold of the Egyptian parliament and government, the Brotherhood is finally in power, but it is insecure and paranoid. As soon as their Morsi was elected president they scuffled to appoint the group’s loyalists in vital government’s positions regardless of competence. Basic services were completely debilitated as exemplified by the paralyzing shortage of gas and electricity.

Under the guise of ruling in the name of god, Morsi and his trusty public prosecutor made demons out of all dissenters and accused them of disdaining religion and conspiring to bring Mubarak back, these are the same dissenters who revolted on January 25 and voted Morsi in.

But these are walks in the park compared to what Morsi and his Brotherhood had done at Wadi Natroon prison during January’s revolution. Some key figures of the Muslim Brotherhood – including Morsi- are legally charged with conspiring with Hamas to violate Egypt’s sovereignty by breaking into Wadi Natroon prison and freeing the Brotherhood’s men. In the process, to make it look like a jailbreak and bring Interior Ministry to its knees, the operation broke free dangerous  criminals who instigated a state of terror among civilians.

And that wasn’t the only time Morsi and his friends have put national security at peril. The Presidency had knowingly, or unknowingly, aired a national security conference on Ethiopia’s Renaissance dam to expose vacuous vicious plans against the African nation. Morsi also announced in another conference that the Army is ready to intervene in Syria without consulting the Army’s high command.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s cleverly surpassed Mubarak’s regime in crushing citizens with heinous life standards and committed high treason crimes. Egyptians were very angry.


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