Psychopathy [EXPLICIT]

She talks to ghosts, her friends and family. Our eyes lock and time stops, gravity halts. Her touch makes me feel human, all the prettiness, all the repugnance. During our first talk she was eating her father’s biceps, of course I didn’t know that at the time, to me she was just a brunette eating a sandwich and feeding feral cats in the park near my residence. Cats were how I initiated a conversation, me being a cat lover. She told me the sandwich did in fact contain her father’s biceps after sex at my place. Scratching was a bit too much, my back and chest felt like being sliced by red hot knives. It was invigorating. She had to medicate me for a week before I could stand up again. In our second sex, having known her capacities, I became a little forthcoming about my desires. Blood mixed with spit on her face didn’t stop her hysterical laughs, she was beaten, slapped, grabbed by the hair and slammed against walls. All mid frantic giggles with some tears and sobbing in between. “That was good, could you light me a cigarette, I can’t move,” she spoke with blood coming out of her mouth. I threw a Marlboro pack as hard as I could at her face, we both smiled.

– I wanna kill my uncle next, she said passing a joint.

– He too raped you?

I took a puff and leant back tapping to the rhythm of Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club – Berlin.

– No, but he didn’t do a thing to help when I sought his help.

I had stopped inquiring about the identities of our victims. We killed and killed and killed and killed. All the men in the world had hurt her in some way and deserved death, and boy was it my pleasure. Women too. When I proposed to add fucking to the mix she conjured a heinous scene where her mother and sister-in-law had raped her with strap-ons. The two women we killed that night in my basement looked nothing like her. We tied them up and canned their asses bloody, they screamed and we screamed ‘where is your lame pathetic god, ask for his help you whores,” then we laughed uncontrollably. I killed the younger one when she bit my cock. I pulled her intestines out of her asshole. It didn’t feel as good as I imagined it would but she was impressed, she loved seeing new monsters in me. Later that night I was fisting her and threatened to pull her intestines out like I did to the poor woman, fear desecrated her psychopathy, she felt something, So did I. I pulled my hand out and slapped her face so hard she fell off the table, she spat in my face. She was fun.

For romance I used to get her red flowers then electrocute her nipples.

Sooner than I had expected insanity crept to her eyes and my knife called for her neck. I gave her an honorable death. Tied her up and slit her throat.*>._.<*

Photo courtesy of Mira Debaja



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