4 Arguments that kill a good debate

The God Argument

My reasons against male circumcision in a talk with a workmate were; it is extremely painful, its benefits are not agreed on by science and it should be left to the grown up to decide. He said it is ordered by god, the conversation instantly died. How can you argue against god? We can never even get an interview with the guy. Talking to this mysterious being will surely clear out a lot of ambiguities, but we can’t have that option, so please explain your ideas in terms understandable by mortal human beings. Many wars were fought by two groups using “god” in their rhetorics.

The Status Quo Argument

In another debate with a Muslim Brotherhood loyalist, I and workmates were slamming the Brotherhood’s fascistic and oppressive policies in Egypt. When he ran out of answers and replies he leant back, lowered his tone and said “like it or not, we are here to stay, deal with us”, again the conversation died in a moment. It’s also a signal that the Brotherhood’s rule will end in a fashion similar to their unabashed violent practices to subvert opposition.

It’s What I Believe Argument

This one comes from nice people who don’t seek to challenge you or put a particular conviction of theirs to the test. You will often hear it with a smile, it’s a good and neutral excuse out of a conversation without leaving any hard feelings or creating awkward moments.

You’re Crazy/Psycho/Weird Argument

If you have an unconventional idea, stance, lifestyle or view you have heard this argument. The person you’re arguing with finds your position too foreign or very abnormal but does not constitute a threat to their convictions or morality, they “label” you mad and dismiss the whole conversation as not worthy. Metal heads and artists at the beginning of their careers are among the groups that may hear this argument often.


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