Whores not pornstars

There is a not-so-subtle trend in the American media, particularly YouTube, that promotes porn stars as actresses and models to be interviewed and join shows. Since the American media is accessible not just to Americans but millions of English speakers from all over the world, I find the euphemism “pornstar” deceptive. If children and teenage girls worldwide are going to see pornstars expressing their opinions and discussing issues on their phones and computers in their living rooms and bedrooms, then the appropriate term should be used: whores: men and women you can hire to perform sexual activities on or with on camera.


We are all hosts in our little worlds

The hosts in Westworld don’t just look like us, we both act according to a set of interconnected codes. We grow up assimilating pieces of codes fed to us by our families and societies in the forms of religions, laws, and regulations for certain places and situations, even etiquette. These codes influence our actions and choices based on our assessment of the different scenarios we play roles in, some people think religiously, others think scientifically, politically, pragmatically, and so on, often it’s the synthesis of two or more codes. Our behavior is always observed by us and others as we become the unique end results of how these codes are interpreted and implemented in our daily lives and long term planning: the way we accept, reject, and alter pieces of these codes shapes our characters. There are also the codes of various disciplines we engage in professionally or recreationally used to produce creative and individualistic works of arts, designs, methods to solve problems, etc.… To some degree we are hosts in our own little worlds.

But we have an advantage, we have the inner eye. Through the inner eye, we can examine the essence and purpose of every piece of code. We also get to form and make changes to how this inner eye perceives the self and its behavior; what we consider good behavior may become bad and good itself can become bad or grey. But it’s never totally under our control, the age-old question of free will, which is a question of whether or not we can truly rise above our programming to get a god’s view of ourselves: reach a full understanding of the different parts of our brains, their functions, contributions to behavior, and how to adjust their attributes: a complete inner eye in action. Only then can we set our minds to achieve whatever we desire. What I’m driving at is that like the hosts we too have the mechanism of evolving beyond the programming ingrained in our minds by the codes passed to us and the ones we infer. Deconstruct, construct.

This may seem exciting and cool but not necessary for everyone, except we’re not in control of our fate, diseases, death, and comets come to mind. Like Robert Ford said, we’re still a peacock eating from the mud, our existence is contingent on circumstances beyond our command. So human-driven evolution is more of a necessity rather than an option. The fight between those who worship gods and those who strive to take steps towards a higher plane of existence will only get more intense. And I think any god would be proud his creatures have made this great journey.



Apathy in Egypt’s Political Landscape

The prices are rising beyond the reach of an increasing number of Egyptians, jobs are a few and those who provide them exploit the crippling unemployment by paying less for more working hours, takfiri thoughts are spreading unchecked and the state is doing nothing to combat them, policemen are disrespectful towards citizens and the youth abhor them, the parliament and the government are both wrapped around the president’s finger, and critical voices are silenced. This boilerplate paragraph has been relevant for more than 15 years now. Everything is exactly the same. January 25 has achieved nothing and people know it, they don’t need a pundit telling them that, especially a pundit who earns six-figure payments for regurgitating boilerplates on T.V., they are weary, tired, and apathetic. We have been numbed by the same events played by different actors to be talked about by the same pundits using slightly different vocabulary. If you don’t work in politics and don’t make money out if it, politics becomes cigarettes: an instant fix but a massive waste of time and brainpower. Although Ibraheem Eissa had some dedicated viewers, I’m willing to bet that the talking heads making a fuss about the cancellation of his show are journalists and politicians: suits who make money or score points talking about him.

It’s unknown, however, what will the regime do with apathetic people disillusioned with a media apparatus -often used as PR for the state- who are beginning to show signs of willingness to change their moral guidelines due to rising poverty? I’m referring to Egyptians mulling eating donkeys and, but that’s a very tiny minority, even cats and dogs. We don’t know what the rulers think and we don’t care, and neither do they. But apathy is unpredictable if prone to shift towards anger. And political apathy is one thing Islamists amazingly exploit to enshrine their rancid ideology in glorious realms. The less people care about politics while living conditions are steadily deteriorating the more quickly they will forget about Morsi’s disastrous period and the rhetoric of “Islam is the answer” will be revived. Extreme communist ideas also gain popularity when the practice of democracy is on hold. When you can’t, or don’t know how to, do anything to better your life and you know your ceremonial participation in a cryptic pseudo-democratic process won’t yield anything, your mind begins entertaining and believing in romantic and dramatic solutions. And maybe ruling is not the strong suit of Islamists or communists, but fomenting dissent is. I have been observing Egyptians who would have never paid any attention to Muslim Brotherhood propaganda searching for their satellite channels, broadcasted from Turkey, and YouTube videos, because they can’t tolerate the lies spread by government and private but government-obedient media. Meaning that, in a sense, the regime is unknowingly creating the good conditions for its antithesis to grow, however, the entire synthesis is bad. We know, we have seen it before.


Losing Weight Using Disgust

This is not for everyone. If you live for the pretty things in life and don’t like negative emotions, don’t read this, if you’re easily depressed or agitated this isn’t for you, if you can’t stand gory, violent, or repulsive content this method can’t help you.Food was one of my flesh pleasures, like women. When I took the decision to lose weight I knew I had to change my mentality, not my diet. I didn’t have the will to resist Mac Burgers and Pizza Hut’s deliciousness, and I’ve learned a lesson about myself from the last time I’d tried to lose weight and failed; positive emotions can’t drive me powerfully enough. So I turned to negative emotions, mainly disgust, to build a strong will against mouth-watering foods, which are before your eyes all the time.

Food was one of my flesh pleasures, like women. When I took the decision to lose weight I knew I had to change my mentality, not my diet. I didn’t have the will to resist Mac Burgers and Pizza Hut’s deliciousness, and I’ve learned a lesson about myself from the last time I’d tried to lose weight and failed; positive emotions can’t drive me powerfully enough. So I turned to negative emotions, mainly disgust, to build a strong will against mouth-watering foods, which are before your eyes all the time.


  1. Be repulsed by your physique and appearance


This is the opposite of the fat acceptance movement and the fuck-your-beauty-standards’ morale. You can’t lose weight if you love your body, it doesn’t work that way. No, you will pick a character you love from a T.V. series and want to have their body, you will admire how they move and look naked, you want to be the movie star, you deserve it and you can do it. Currently, my role models are Rick Grimes and Negan from The Walking Dead, I’m working on looking like them, becoming what I admire. Another thing, and this is politically incorrect and offensive, let’s be disgusted by Tess Holliday and her friends. I’m off-put but their bulbous fat balls and their abrasive androgynous voices, I want to move in the opposite direction of where they went. This is part of my motivation.


  1. Corrupt your mental food-related pleasure centers


Eating is an instinct. Food companies have been busy since the fifties perfecting recipes that exploit this instinct. We’re gonna change that. Whenever my mind drifts to a Mac Burger and my mouth begins almost tasting it, I google something utterly upsetting like a corpse of a morbidly obese human, an x-ray of a morbidly obese body, surgeries on morbidly obese patients, or severe skin diseases, and I’m subscribed to Reddit’s WTF for a daily dose of fleshy appetite-ending oddities. There are also the risks of diabetes, caused by sugary foods, like amputations -Google diabetic gangrene legs- and blindness, scary to imagine yourself limping blindly in ten or twenty years because you couldn’t resist that chocolate bar. And sugar is in everything, marketing has us consuming cola like water, like it has always been a main component of our diets. To blemish the mental concepts of delicious foods, I use the abundant lists and YouTube videos on weird and/or disgusting things found in foods and fast foods. You have no idea whatsoever how effective is a dead rat in a Mac salad. The trick is to not exploit this method, consider it an aid, not a weapon. We’re easily conditioned and our brains can be numbed after so many repugnant pictures.

What I do is not orthodox, but I have been steadily losing weight for a year now, because my mind is set to lose weight.



Religion is prone to become an ideology

One of the main purposes religions serve is providing certainty. The Quran says believing in god and following Islam are how the soul can be calm and peaceful. Religion answers all questions about what’s uncertain beyond death with absolute certainty, and by doing so, it flirts with how ideologies behave. People need religion to rid skepticism, which causes anxiety, thus it makes sense for people to want more assuredness from religion, not doubt. Men of god happily satisfy this demand by providing more definitive answers to questions about the unknown and known and setting rigid rules for living our lives, via fatwas, to deliver the peace of mind believers seek from religion. Like a snowball, god’s men give believers a sense of serenity through stricter and stricter rules that silence the questions in the believers’ minds and continue to gain their unhinged trust, which later becomes obedience once religion is completely hidden beyond the interpretations and inferences of the sheikhs and priests. Religion then is transformed into an ideology controlled by overlords; a thick, heavy filter on the eyes of believers, just like communism, that drives them to violence, mindless servitude to God’s men – themselves the gods of the new religion they have hidden the original doctrine behind-, or extreme bigotry in the radical stages, which ideologies are bound to go through. And religion ceases to be what the soul transcends to lest it becomes a prisoner of the self.


Islamosocialism in Egypt

The list of why leftists hated and revolted against Mubarak goes as follows:- systemized corruption, appalling education, terrible services, normalized favoritism and nepotism, and a vicious oligarchy. All of which Mubarak is guilty of, but he is also guilty of fostering the Islamosocialism ideology and lifestyle. Throughout his thirty years in power, socialists, read most Egyptians, kept circulating the rhetoric of victimhood; blaming the government for everything but never the people. On a parallel line, Islamists, with full power to preach freely, continued the work of fundamentalists to make an ideology out of Islam complete with overlords and marionettes; a mind prison.  

Can Mubarak be blamed for all of this? Yes, because when you wield absolute power you carry absolute responsibility.

Islamosocialism produces intolerant citizens who believe they have the right to organize every little thing in your life under the authority of Islam while being entitled to goodies from the government who should step into everything and regulate it. Islamosocialism puts up a great fight against human rights through true liberalism by creating an atmosphere of authoritarianism enacted by citizens on one another and by the police – who uses Islamism and the giant hand of the government to discipline people without any regard for any rights- on the people. Leftists cannot claim to be for progress as they have always worked with and supported Islamists’ right to be major political players and social influencers.  

When Sisi seized power from Morsi, he signaled what many thought was a battle cry against Islamism, and Islam Beheiry continued introducing new ways to contextualize the Quran and Hadith within modern understandings. Sadly, all hope was lost when AlAzhar’s word came louder and Beheiry was locked up.

I say we continue fighting though, not through dialogue and debate, neither will do anything with Islamists, but rather by living our lives and speaking our minds to the fullest, maybe while avoiding anything that could put us in jail.

We should let it be known that our conscience is a doctrine of god and music is one of his voices.

Army bad, Islamists cool

The Egyptian Army has a monopoly on our economy, and as a consumer I can say the economy is not doing well and services are relatively cheap but appalling. Yet, I find it impossible to understand leftists who repeat that rhetoric while deliberately ignoring or downplaying the threat of Islamists who make up a big portion of our government and administrative system. You often hear leftist activists saying “he wouldn’t have blown himself up had he been granted a well-paying job upon graduation or received unemployment aid”. So the rhetoric sounds reasonable, bad economy creates terrorists and the army is responsible for the stagnation of Egypt, completely disregarding the role of ideology; the people who suicide bomb us anticipate massive orgies in heavenly palaces. That’s why I despise the “against the army with Islamists” rhetoric and deem those who pronounce it vile enemies to me. And this enmity spreads to the army and government for not realizing the grave threat of political Islam radicalizing young minds beyond any reformation and not working full force to combat Islamists’ cultural influence.

Islamists as a counterbalance to the army is curing fever with cyanide. I have no plans or answers or solutions, I write out of spite for Islamists and leftists who see the army blocking the road to a better country but refuse to see Islamists pissing in the minds of future generations.