A Problem With Absolute Judgment

We all grow up learning doing good things leads to a good place and vice versa, we then question what is good and either stick to what we were taught or rebel against the inherited paradigms of good and bad. The process that leads to either choice greatly depends on external factors. In countries with... Continue Reading →


Videogames as myths

Videogame rules are arbitrary and that's ok. Videogames are myths created for entertainment and the passing down of experiences like the original tales of religions and folklore. Arbitrary rules never make or break a myth, a good myth can have dozens of fantastical rules as long as they serve the narrative, or the gameplay in... Continue Reading →

Fun and games at work

“You know I would never hurt anyone, I would never think of hurting anyone,” my friend answered my question “what’s bothering you?”. We walked together after work for an hour. He’d been distressed the mourning of that day, not his cheerful self. Like me, he’s not an office politician, he doesn’t know how to play... Continue Reading →


Don’t let the sun blind you light burns the soul angels will make shadows of you if you let them soar They dwell in flesh fighting false idols in mirrorless castles their silhouettes tumble and dance above don’t let them take love Shoot their wings spit their bread we die kings we’ll kill ‘em dead

Different Prayers

It’s 1PM, you’re at work and the kitchen is closed off and guarded by the two office boys. Inside, a Muslim girl is performing Duhr prayer. I’m fine with that, however, I couldn’t help but think of my fellow Christian citizens. Officially, Egypt is not a state that blatantly discriminates against Christians, even though expression... Continue Reading →

Arabs’ problem with the material world

It wasn’t philosophy that killed religion, it was science, precise, cold science. Before the discipline of Biology was established, if a man were to ask a priest how a virgin could get pregnant the priest could easily answer it’s a miracle beyond the material world. Prior to physics, chemistry, and biology, the material world was... Continue Reading →

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