Problematizing Americans’ love for dogs

Abstract It would seem that Americans - who are free-spirited and don’t play by the rules, should prefer cats over dogs, but they don’t. Americans love dogs. Why? The modern domesticated dog is bred to follow orders and blindly obey its owner, dogs who deviate from this paradigm and either put down or let go. … Continue reading Problematizing Americans’ love for dogs

Is Egypt Solving A Problem By Creating Another?

Millions of Egyptian students graduate universities every year without the necessary skills to find a job in their respective fields or at all. Some pull their own bootstraps by acquiring market skills on their own, some depend on good old favoritism, and some remain unemployed, the point is what they learn at universities rarely if … Continue reading Is Egypt Solving A Problem By Creating Another?

France Stands Not Completely Terrorized

Seemingly separate but for all intents and purposes integrated, the two wings developed by Islamists have achieved great success. The cultural wing, led by the likes of Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar, exploits the anti-western rhetoric employed by far-left Americans and Europeans to rid Muslims of the burden of modernizing Islam and accepting criticisms directed … Continue reading France Stands Not Completely Terrorized

Transwomen are the real women: Kasenia Jazeek

Trans activist Kasenia Jazeek has caused quite a stir when she proclaimed yesterday that only transwomen are women because they had to want womanhood and work towards it. “The so-called biological women were handed their femininity on a silver platter and have only abused it trying to exclude us, real women, from their spaces,” Jazeek … Continue reading Transwomen are the real women: Kasenia Jazeek

If it’s a competition in religiosity, terrorists win

The Egyptian state’s cultural counter-terrorism approach has become a competition in religiosity. On the battlefield, Egyptian soldiers will defend their homeland and fellow citizens to the last breath if necessary, and the state’s media apparatus is producing films and tv series to document their sacred war against terrorists. All is fine so far, Egyptians love … Continue reading If it’s a competition in religiosity, terrorists win

Three Ways Being Fat Hurts Your Style (whether you’re a man or a woman)

1 Your walk has no grace Say what you want about great personalities and good people but first impressions are all about looks. The way you carry yourself around the world is certainly a point of attraction. It’s not often verbalized but people notice it, fat peoples’ gait is a turn off.  2 You look … Continue reading Three Ways Being Fat Hurts Your Style (whether you’re a man or a woman)

A Sparrow’s Siren Tale

Just like the portrayal of Donald Trump as a sexist, racist, homophobic demon and the celebration of Hillary Clinton as Jesus Christ in female form, the media’s fascination with spotlighting violent men and neglecting abusive women will be another nail in its coffin. In the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard case, it’s important to distinguish between … Continue reading A Sparrow’s Siren Tale