I Played Borderlands 3 As Star-Lord

I don’t like cutscenes or texts and audio files explaining lore or giving exposition in video games. I ignore them when I can. It’s a shame how the worst cinematic exposition technique is used in video games to advance the story and, sometimes, serve as a mechanics tutorial. It drives me crazy when I lose... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Visit Giza Pyramids

The Pyramids of Giza are a timeless message from ancient Egyptians to the generations that walk this land, “remember who you are”. They are not tombs as much as they are a statement of identity and prowess. When you stand near the greatest pyramid, Khafre, time does slow down, it’s not perceivable to humans because... Continue Reading →


You are, the mirror said so did the letters you never read and the armies I should have led to conquer you, to conquer me all dead now, all dead

Are Fears Connected?

Some humans are extremely repulsed by roaches, particularly, the big ones, because they are fast, stealthy, greasy-looking, and squashing them causes a bad mess. These factors evoke an aversion in humans somewhere between disgust and fear. By comparison, an angry barking dog evokes fears of injuries and possibly death. A rabid dog foaming at the... Continue Reading →

Resident Isis Evil in Al-Hawl Camp

Ideas are like eggs, once hatched they have wings, goes a Malagasy proverb. Sadly, it also applies to terrible ideas. ISIS is not just a terrorist militia, it is an organization based on ideas that supplant nationalism and to go beyond state borders, that’s why it continues to have sympathizers all over the word. Camp... Continue Reading →

‘Joker’ Confuses American Leftist Ideologues 

This article contains spoilers For American leftists who believe white men are the oppressors of all races who can never suffer subjugation because they have all the privileges and hold all the powers, Todd Philips’ ‘Joker’ can be very confusing. The movie’s anti-hero Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a white American male, is crushed by poverty,... Continue Reading →

Blackfaces, Dark Ages

Canada’s woke Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who persistently lectures the world on social justice and racial sensitivities, had worn black and brown faces at several parties he attended as an adult. Was he mocking black and brown people with an intent to slander their racial identities? Of course not. But Trudeau is reaping what he... Continue Reading →

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